We are very happy to announce that our proposal “plant, grow and drink” won one of the tree 1st prizes at the “Parks on Wheels” competition organized by the London based architectural practice Ash Sakula!

All the winning designers will then have the opportunity to build their proposal
in February, with funding from the
Transform Pocket Parks initiative, in time to be planted in the Spring. This is a pilot project to use undeveloped sites and transform them into
community gardens with the idea of re-location central to its ethos.
As London continually undergoes redevelopment, slack sites
everywhere lie empty. These are prime locations for local groups to come together and construct communal spaces and gardens for themselves, like the Canning Town Caravanserai. This creates a sense of ownership for the residents, however, this deters landowners from releasing their land as there can be resistance when the time comes to develop. A Parks on Wheels allows local groups to easily relocate when the need arises, allowing all
invested energy to be sustained.