Antamoma Suites

Hotel Suites in Kythnos

Hotel complex ‘Antamoma’ is located at Kanala beach in the island of Kythnos and was originally built at the end of the ‘80s. This project is about its complete interior renovation so that it can fulfil the needs of a contemporary guest. The location of the complex allows the visitor to enjoy the view to the beach ‘Megali Ammos’. The simplicity of the natural landscape and the colours of nature are qualities that we wanted to transfer in the interior design of the hotel apartments. 

We retained the existing shell and we redesigned all the internal partitions so to create 8 new rooms, 25 sq.m. approximately each. All the rooms have unified aesthetics but at the same time each one of them has been approached in a different way in terms of layout and spatial characteristics. All the rooms were designed based on an open plan and an en suite bathroom, creating multiple flows within the space. The sliding doors, wood combined with straw, where a crucial part of the design process, since they are the elements through which different parts of the room can isolate, creating various levels of privacy without losing the main design principles of ‘openess’ and flexibility.

Special attention was given to the materials, mainly naturally sourced, wood, forged cement and straw which give the space its unique aesthetics and natural colours. Moreover, we were influenced by local crafts such as ceramics, basketry and the technique of forged cement. The green colour of the windows and shutters is one of the three traditional colours that were originally used at the island of Kythnos and also is the aspect which gives colour to the ‘earthy’ interior of the rooms. Finally, lighting was a significant design element and was achieved through handmade ceramic lights in various colours.