Asprolithos Villas

Asprolithos Villas is a three stone house complex, located in Kalo Livadi beach in the Cycladic island, Kythnos. The site is facing west and is overlooking the islands of Serifos and Syros. The 40 square meter houses are situated in such a way so each one of them can enjoy the magnificent Aegean sea view.

The houses have been constructed using local stone by local craftsmen and have been whitewashed as this is a most usual practice in Cyclades in order to achieve sun reflection and the best cooling conditions in the interior of the house.

Each house has its own private mini pool, which someone can enjoy during day or night since the pergola protects the exterior space from direct sunlight as well as strong wind. The division between the houses is quite loose, we wanted to give some privacy without creating stiff boundaries. It was a conscious choice to maintain a certain level of contact between the houses thus the dividing walls have holes through which light, wind and sound can penetrate and circulate.

The interior of the houses is divided in two levels, the lower one with the small kitchen and the living space and the upper level with the bedroom and bathroom. The color tones used are white and earthy while the materials are natural, such as wood, metal, cotton fabrics and ceramics.

The main entrance to the complex is a stone archway with is left in its natural color in order to stand out and also frame the white houses.

At the back of the houses a corridor is formed in such a way that the summer breeze can swirl around the houses but this corridor emphasizes on the view of the mountain which we consider equally lovely and important as the sea view.


Photo credits: Ioanna Fotiadou