Mitropoleos Apartment

This 130 square meter apartment is located in the heart of Thessaloniki. Originally the polykatoikia was built in 1965, so its layout is typical of that era. Public and private spaces have clear boundaries and a corridor plays the role of the basic movement axis of the house. Although many decades have past and the user’s needs have changed, this layout was very well executed and was in complete harmony with the outline of the apartment as well as the building’s orientation. The apartment’s orientation is south so the natural light diffuses in most of the rooms. As a result we decided to make just a few changes to this original layout in order to accommodate in a more sufficient way the new owner’s needs. So the renovated apartment consists of two bedrooms, a quite spacious living room, an office space which is adjacent to the living room, a separate room for the kitchen, a bathroom and a WC. Since this apartment is sizable but it lacks a storage room, which we “sacrificed” to have a larger kitchen, our main design idea was to introduce “storage modules” with the built – in furnishings. This way we created this project’s identity, using basically wood in its natural colour combined with quite distinctive shades. We succeeded to provide the design aesthetics we wished for, as well as to provide the apartment with all the storage space it needed to be perfectly functional.