Paliouri Residences

Complex of 5 Summer Residences, Halkidiki

Five two-storey residences in Paliouri, Halkidiki. The project is about a new built complex with outdoor pool and other common spaces for the guests of the five maisonettes. Each residence is designed based on a similar character in terms of layout and aesthetics. Ground floor accomodates the high ceiling living space, along with a kitchen-dining space, based on an open plan logic. First floor accomodates the private space of the residence, a spacious bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. The staircase is designed as an autrium attached to the main volume of the building, bringing light to both floors. Different levels of transparency have been achieved through the use of materials like coloured vienna weave caning, wooden laths and glass. Moreover, colour is a very important aspect of the interior design, we used pastel colors in various combination so that the space is fresh and hip.