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Mobile Urban Garden

Parks on Wheels is an open competition to design a mobile pocket park; As one
of the winners, our team will have the opportunity to build the proposed scheme, which will be part of pilot project to use undeveloped sites and transform them into community gardens.
The key concept of our project is a mobile garden with herbs, whih acts as a tea house where you can drink the herbs you grow vertically on it’s walls. It can also act as a bar, a stage, a place for workshops and events.
The construction is very simple and mostly made out of reused materials with a total budget of £200! The main elements of our mobile park are the garden wall and the softwood patterned facade. The garden wall is made of plywood, on which plant sheaths have been cut through. The herbs are planted in felt pockets so they can be easily watered, removed, replaced or re-planted. Through the planting process and the various uses it can accommodate, it promotes community partici- pation and engagement.