Galata House

Summer house

This 2-storey house of 60 sq. meters, built back in the 1890s, at Galata area in the village of Dryopida, was completely restored and turned into a summer residence. The main goal was to preserve and reveal all the traditional elements of the building as a whole. The interiors combine the local architecture and craftsmanship with contemporary design, both in terms of layout and use of materials. The colours of the preserved floor tiles and the green windows blend with the natural wood, the stone details and the grey tones of cement finishes, creating a vibrant simplicity which is highlighted by both natural and artificial lighting. The layout of the residence is rather extrovert, with the upper floor patio playing a significant design role both as the main gathering space of the house and as an extension of the surrounding landscape. The patio works as a shelter, protected from the sun and strong winds, but at the same time provides multiple views. Flexibility is also an important aspect of the design as it is vital for all summer houses. High ceiling at the main space of the ground floor gives the opportunity of creating a mezzanine which works as a multi functional space, communicating visually with the ground floor and the patio. Built in furniture are designed for most of the spaces, enhancing the Cycladic aesthetics and at the same time creating a unified design among the various living spaces. Last but not least, the exterior facade was preserved and its unique ceramic finials – half male, half female – were removed and put back in their exact place.